What are VET programs?

Vocational Education and training (VET) studies combine general Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) with vocational training and experience in the workplace.

A VET program offers students the opportunity to complete a nationally-recognised vocational qualification, such as a TAFE certificate while providing credit towards the VCE or VCAL, just like other subject areas.

The vocational qualification provides access to further training – generally at a TAFE – and could improve the student’s chances of finding a job once school is finished.

How does VET contribute towards VCE?

Vocational Education and Training programs are fully recognised within the unit 1-4 structure of the VCE and contribute towards the satisfactory completion of your VCE.

A number of these programs also have a study score attached which contributes towards your ATAR score. Students who receive a Unit 3-4 sequence who study these programs will be eligible for a 10 percent increment towards their ATAR (10 percent of the average of the primary four scaled studies) or a direct contribution through an external exam, just like other VCE studies.

How does VET contribute towards VCAL?

With the VCAL certificate, VET programs satisfy the industry specific skills strand requirements. If a school student completes a full program (units 1-4) they should achieve 4 units of credit towards their VCAL certificate.

Why choose VET in Schools?

By choosing a Vocational Education and Training subject you are creating an opportunity to develop skills and a knowledge base that can help with future employment.

Other advantages in choosing a VET subject:

Be prepared for work by obtaining skills and a nationally recognised qualification with our courses and programs.
  • Provides you with nationally-recognised qualification and skills
  • Prepares you for the workforce
  • Creates a pathway to further study (certificate, diploma qualifications) at TAFE
  • If you successfully complete VCE or VCAL and a VET program may be eligible to receive two certificates.
  • You can contribute to your study score

It is important to note that the 3-4 sequences of Vocational Education and Training programs are not designed as stand-alone units. In order to receive the qualification, school students must complete the entire Unit 1-4 structure of the program.

For example, Electro-technology has a Study Score available to students undertaking the relevant Unit 3-4 sequence.